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Every fitness novice was brave and vowed at first, but only a few people really persisted. But in any case, people who can stick to fitness are better than most people who don't.

At the beginning of fitness, maybe you are trying to lose weight, but when you really lose weight, you will find that having a muscular body is the sign of a good body. To build a muscular figure, you need to train for muscle gain.

However, good-looking muscle lines are not so easy to train. In the process of muscle gaining training, you will encounter many problems. You need to choose the right method, continuously optimize the fitness plan, and make changes according to your physical condition to make continuous progress.

Some people will choose to go to the gym to ask for a fitness coach, but not everyone has the conditions or financial resources to find a coach. So, for people who want to gain muscle, but meet the bottleneck of muscle gain, and cannot continue to improve their strength, how should we improve the efficiency of muscle gain through our own efforts?

Increase training volume

If you always used a training capacity of 4*12 times reps before, now you are in a bottleneck period, and your weight and muscles cannot break through.

At this time, we should make a change. You can try 4*15 times training to challenge the feeling of exhaustion. You can also try adding one or two sets of training, try 5*12 times training, don’t let the muscles be in the training comfort zone. You need to give greater challenges to make progress.

In the process of fitness training, remember to feel the contraction of the target muscle group and improve the muscle sensitivity, so that the muscles can grow

Focus on leg training

Many people cannot break through muscle gain training because they emphasize upper limb training and neglect lower limb training. The leg is the largest muscle group in the body, and the strength of the lower limbs determines the overall strength.

If the muscles of the lower limbs are too weak, your stability will be poor, and you will suffer more when training the upper limbs. Only by strengthening leg training and improving the stability and explosive power of the lower limbs will you gain further breakthroughs in muscle building training.

Leg training can promote the secretion of testosterone and help increase muscle gain. Maintain leg training 1-2 times a week, and practice the lower limbs to reach the goal of allowing you to continuously break through the weight during deadlifts, bench presses and other training, which will help the balanced development of your body.

Improve completion of actions

In order to improve the level of weight-bearing training, many people will take advantage of their strength, or even sacrifice the completion of the movement and only do half of the course. This kind of training effect will definitely be greatly reduced.

During muscle gaining training, the movement must be in place, and at the same time, slow down to improve muscle sensitivity throughout the process. For example, during bench press, let the barbell slowly drop to the position of the chest muscles, pause for 1 second and then push up , Until the arm is nearly straight, so that the training efficiency of the chest muscles will be better.

Muscle relaxation after fitness is indispensable. Too much exercise and completion will result in a high body load. Timely muscle relaxation and fascia relaxation are the foundation for you to continue training the next day. You can use a dedicated fascia gun to help you recover.