Super-Hit Intelligent Massage Gun With 4 Black Technology

Size: 153.5x63x253.5mm
N.W.: 0.85kg, with one massage head 0.89kg
Application: Multi-zone muscle, capsule joints, Archilles tendon, trigger points and any soft part of body
Function: Warm-up before motion, muscle relaxation, deeply relieve muscle soreness


   Super Hit Pro


   · SuperHit Intelligent Control Chip

   · Auto Adaptive Percussion Modes Switching

   · Intelligent Interface Display

   · Intelligent Voice Broadcast

   · Intelligent Idling System For Power Saving

   · Golden Ratio Ergonomic Design

   · Noiseless Technology

   · Equipped With Five Replaceable Massage 

      Heads For Different Massage Areas


 Intelligent massage                                                      

head modes                                                                                                     

When inserting different massage heads,the system will automatically identify and 

configure the corresponding percussion mode, intensity and amplitude Precise configuration of percussion  for different muscle areas is naturally out of necessity.                                                           




Intelligent voice


When inserting different massage heads, the system will automatically switch to the corresponding percussion mode and voice broadcasting.

Visual Intelligent

control interface

Intelligent interface display shows: 

Percussion mode (Intelligent or standard), 

massage head icons, massage areas, 

time countdown, battery level reminder, and speed indicator.


  Intelligent idling           

  system for power saving 


   When the massage gun hovering over or away from the

   body, it will automatically switch to idling or non-operating

   mode for power saving  and product span life                

Relax your muscle anytime, anywhere

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