3D Sonic Facial Cleansing Massager with 31000Times/Min Vibrating

Size: 67xW67x58.3mm
N.W.: 159g
Application: Face, Neck, Back and other soft part of your body
Function: Sonic Vibration, LED light Therapy

Hands will not feel annoying vibration 

while cleansing your face

Only bristles vibrate, no body vibration, offering a comfortable grip 

                                Similar products in market                        L-Sonic

                              Numb holding while facial cleansing      Non-irritation and safe to use

Why choose L-Sonic?

Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Dual silicone bristles / Sonic vibration / Pulse vibration / Photon skin care

3D sonic technology to make deep facial cleansing more efficient

Real Ultrasonic motor core, Vibration concentrated on bristles

1.1mm horizontal swing        5°back and forth rotation

Without dizziness feeling while bristles contacting with skin

Gentle contact makes you enjoy pleasant face cleansing

3 Cleansing Modes

Adjustable cleansing intensity meets different skin requirements  

Mode 1: Soft Cleansing, Suitable for non-makeupand sensitive skin

Mode 2: Moderate Cleansing, Suitable for daily makeup

Mode3: Deep Cleansing, Suitable for heavy makeup and excessive oil secretion

Thick and thin silicone bristles  Better fit your skin needs

Thick silicone bristle: Easy to clean nosewing, 

T zone and other areas that easily secrete oil but difficult to clean  

Thin silicone bristle: aiming at softly cleansing sensitive and delicate skin

Whole-body Waterproof

Safe to use in bathroom or shower

Waterproof and dust-proof for easy maintaining

Facial cleanser and cleansing cream all-applicable

5mins timing cleansing+ mute operation

Fully enjoying the refreshing moment exclusively customized for you

Cleansing while enjoying skin care

Cleansing with photon therapy

Red Light: Cell activation Energy vitalization

Green Light: Beauty and skin rejuvenation Calming and Soothing

Blue Light: Skin calming, acne and pimples improving

Top lid covered with watercolor painting

Meets your high requirement of appearance

 Intimate design reflected in details


 Comfortable handfeel 

Delicate and portable


 Transparent cover

Protected from bacteria ,Lightweight and portable,

Convenient for travel

Small and portable Convenient for travel

 In Travel

Limited space in suitcase / L-sonic satisfies all you

facial cleansing needs

 At  Home

Morning cleansing brings / you a refreshing day 

Clean and comfortable / cleansing care before bed

Multiple colours

Which one do you pick?

Pink  Blue

Product parameters

1 Product   2 Instructions   3Satin bag   4 Charging line

Product Name:L-Sonic  Charging Time:About 2h
Product Model:FLQ52 Rated Power:5W
size: 67*67*58.3mm Battery Capacity:700mAh
Charging Parameters:5V=1A Exective Standard: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.10-2008

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