Silicone Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush EMS Face Massaging Brush for Gentle Exfoliating

Size: L67mm*W67mm*H58.3mm
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 5W
Automatic timing : 5 minutes


Product model:FLS51      

Product size:L67mm*W67mm*H58.3mm

Rated voltage:5V

Rated current:about1000mA

Rated current :  about 1000mA

Rated power:5W

Automatic timing :5 minutes

Charging time: about 1 hour

Working time: about 2 hours

Battery specification: 3.7v Polymer lithium-ion battery, 600mAh

Waterproof  and dustproof:IP66

Function: Cleansing, sonic vibration massage, EMS, positive ion sound wave export, negative ion sound wave import

Control method: smart button control

Product description:

1.Ultrasonic high frequency vibration cleansing, deep clean dirt

2.Multiple skin care functions, sonic deep cleansing, EMS micro-current firming

3.Plasma skin barrier repair to promote nutrition and absorption

4.Thick and thin silicone bristle for different skin and parts

5.Wireless, compact and portable

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