Powerful Portable Mini Massage gun with multicolors

Size: 200x154x55mm
N.W.: About 0.6kg
Application: Multi-zone muscle, capsule joints, Archilles tendon, trigger points any soft part of body
Function: Warm-up before motion, muscle relaxation, deeply relieve muscle soreness

Super-Hit Mini Massage Gun

12MM Deep Percussion  Fitness-level Massage Gun

The amplitude of no less than 12mm is the bottom line of a fitness-level massage gun

Small and portable / 12MM deep percussion

Silence and denoise technology /  USB charging; Smart touch screen design

How important is the amplitude of the massage gun

Different  amplitudes have different ways of vibration to relax muscle

The thickness of important muscle groups such as pectoralis major, back 

muscles, and gluteal muscles of many fitness enthusiasts even exceeds 30mm.

A fitness-level massage gun with amplitude less than 12mm is far from 

relaxing the deep muscle fascia

Equipped with high torque brushless motor

Brushless motor with double bearing rotation brings about strong powers.

High-speed percussion at 3500 rpm enables to penetrate 12mm into 

deep muscle groups and quickly enhance the removal of lactic acid 

accumulated after exercises, offering you a comfortable experience of 

deep percussion into muscles directly. 

Double bearing structure design

Continuous and smooth percussion

Imported ball bearing, smooth operation, noiseless, durable

Double bearing  structure:To ensure continuous power output without delay, smooth 

percussion and controllable the vibration amplitude to decrease stimulation to the arm.

Single bearing structure:Larger range of percussion,  unstable power output,

strong vibration to the arm

AI intelligent touch control single-button operation

Cool water droplet screen display clearly shows power level, 

speed mode and operation button,

with all operation controllable, one button to start directly all 

comfortable experience

Five speeds optional+Stepless speed regulation mode

  1. Speed mode:Short press sequentially to switch between 5 modes

  2. Stepless speed regulation mode:Long press continuously  

  3. Hands won't feel tired after long time use, small and 

    portable for storage

    A small massage gun is tastefully done with exquisite process.

    Small size, easy to be taken along with when exercising or 

    going to the gym.

  4. Lightweight body  Small but powerful
  5. Super-Hit Mini takes the performance core of the fitness-grade massage 

    gun at the same time re-forges it into a lightweight mini body.

    The Super-hit Mini has a net weight of 600g,half the weight of 
    the common fitness massage gun

    USB portable charging

    In the past, you had to charge the massage gun in 

    advance before going out.

    Now, just leave as you want, you can charge at any time, 

    keep the battery fully charged

    Sport car-level battery with 

    long battery life

    No trouble for frequent charging, lasting for nearly 

    half of a month makes you enjoy massage at anytime, 

    no worry of long-distance travel any more.

    *15 days use time calculated by using 15 minutes per day. Please understand that there may be a

    slight difference while using.

    Silence and noiseless technology

    Whether in gym, home or office, no one would be disturbed. 
  6. Just indulge yourself into quite and cozy relaxing hour

    Super-Hit Mini has three massage heads 

    Redesigned for deeper percussion needs

  7. Three massage heads to take care of every muscle group

 Nano - crystal piano coating

Through 7 exquisite coating processes

Creating the delicate texture and alluring luster 


Applicable to a variety of people, scene needs

Strenuous exercise / Stretching /  Daily exercise /  Daily massage

Multiple colours

which one do you pick?


Super-Hit™ Mini percussion massage gun X1    USB cable X1

Massage head X3    User manual X1    Certificate of approval X1

Product Parameters

Product Name:Fittop Super Hit Mini


Product Weight:about 0.6kg

Rated Current:about 2000mA

Power Supply :Chargeable lithium battery

Certificates:CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA

Customer Hotline:400-822-6800

Manufacturer : Shenzhen Fittop Health Technology Co.,Ltd.

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