Powerful Portable Mini Massage gun with multicolors Factory

Size: Body massager
N.W.: 0.85kg, with one massage head 0.89kg
Application: Multi-zone muscle, capsule joints, Archilles tendon, trigger points and any soft part of body
Function: Warm-up before motion, muscle relaxation, deeply relieve muscle soreness

1.  Warm-up and activate muscles before exercises, to improve muscles performance and prevent muscles from injury.

2.  Fascia relaxation after exercises, to remove lactic acid and prevent delayed onset muscles soreness(DOMS).

3.  Suitable for sedentary office groups and those long standing professionals, to relieve shoulder and neck soreness, lumbar muscle strain and lumbago, to prevent occupational diseases.

4.  Resolve facial nodules and relieve pains caused by nodular fascistic.

5. Comfortable massage, powerful and deep percussion(5 adjustable speeds, highest up to 3500rpm, 12mm deep amplitude).

6.  Easy operation (touch screen, speeds and battery level all at one glance).

7.  Lightweight, tireless after long time use, small size and portable.

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