Portable Electric Hand Held Electric Head Scalp Vibrating Head Massager with EMS

Size: 114.5*86*74.5mm
Weigh: About 0.285kg
Rated power: 5W
Auto-timing: 15 mins


Product model:FMH33


Weigh:About 0.285kg

Rated power:5W

Battery:Built-in 3.7V high capacity lithium ion battery

Massage method: Kneading

Massage place:Head, neck, shoulders and other soft parts of the body

Special features:Funtion buttons, waterproof, wireless portable, travel lock, magnetic charging

Auto-timing:15 mins

Control mode:Intelligent button control

Product description:

1.EMS low frequency pulse stimulates head acupuncture points

2.Fits the curved design of the head with 28 massage contact heads relieving brain fatigue

3.It fully meets the needs of sub-healthy people in the workplace

4.Magnetic charging base, safe and waterproof

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