Pore Cleaner Vibration Washing Brush Skin Massage Beauty Facial Care In China

Specification: Fittop
Place of Origin: China
Application: face
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

1.High frequency vibration:6500 times/min micro vibration

2.High frequency vibration promotes deep cleansing of skin.

3.Gentle brush head:Gently cleanse the skin without hurting the face. With brush head fitting the skin perfectly, enjoy the clean and mild cleansing care.

4.Waterproof design:Whole body waterproof design provide healthy and beautiful skin SPA anytime and anywhere.

5.Silicone material:Safe to clean,gentle and skin-friendly

6.Gentle touch and not hurting skin.

7.Small and portable:Enjoy a cleansing massage everywhere

8.Lightweight and portable to carry, whether on business or travel.

9.modes of vibration:Multiple vibration modes provide different cleansing experiences.Make your face cleaner.

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