Pen Care Beauty Instrument Skin Care Tools Beauty Device Skin Tightening Face Massager

Size: 134x35x30mm
N.W.: About 33g
Application: Face, Neck, Back and other soft part of your body
Function: Vibration

Jade beauty massage

Reduce fine lines on the face

High-frequency micro-vibration facial massage, to reduce 

eye lines by frequent use. Jade contact surface close to the skin providing delicate vibration.


Smooth away dark eye circles effectively keep your eyes beautiful

Seven vibration modes

Whole waterproof

Small and portable

V-shape face

You may not know many things about eyes

The aging rate of eye skin is much more faster than facial skin due to the lack of water

It almost does not have sweat gland and sebaceous gland  

Easy to be short of flexibility and much thinner than facial skin

Easily damaged , block micro circulation

Sweat glands, sebaceous glands, facial skin, eye skin

How to deal with the eye skin problems?

Dark circles / Heavy bags / Fine lines

Don’t be afraid of age, from taking care of your eye muscles

High frequency massage to lift up and firm your skin

Customized vibration is good for fading dark circle

45 Thumb Guide head to reduce wrinkles

Alternate hot and cold massage is perfect to sooth the skin around the eyes

Ion import helps and make full use of essence absorption

Delivery nutrients into basal layer, corium layer, granular layer and cuticle through negative 

ion field on its head.

Lite and portable 

Enjoy massage freely

7 vibration modes

Provides you different massage experience

Part 1:Please install the 1 piece AA alkaline battery to the product for first time use.

Part 2:Press the power button for the first time too tum on the product to the first vibration mode and continue to press the power button to switch the product to 7 different modes circularly.

Part 3:Press the power button for the eighth time or keep pressing the power button over three seconds to turn off the product.

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