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Specification: Fittop
Origin: China
Application: Facial
Function: scratching, vibrating

1. High frequency vibration:6500 times/min micro vibration

High frequency vibration promotes skin absorption.

2. Waterproof design : Whole body waterproof design provide healthy and beautiful skin SPA anytime and anywhere.

3.Can be used with skin care products:Continuous vibration massage with skin care products can help the introduction of skin care products, and can be used with lotions, essences, creams, etc. to help absorption.

4. 45° oblique surface design:The pink jade has an oblique contact surface that fits tightly to the skin for smoother use

5.Small and portable: Enjoy massage fun anytime, anywhere.

Lightweight and portable to carry, whether on business or travel.

6.7 modes of vibration:Multiple vibration mode provides different comfortable experiences.

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