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The cold current is coming, and the weather is getting colder, which has dissuaded a wave of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

After entering the winter, most people's exercise volume plummeted. Staying in a warm house, all kinds of high calorie food become the norm. Unconsciously, weight soars. Don't hoard fat and move quickly.

Winter outdoor running challenge

Can an average temperature of 18 ℃ be called cold? Outdoor running challenges walking. To keep fit this winter, exercise is of course essential. The threshold of running is low, you don't need to go to the gym to start exercise. It's an entry sport for most people.

At the beginning of running, we recommend jogging, which has a great effect on improving one's cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness. Jogging is very good for the novice to lose weight, but with the improvement of exercise ability, the weight loss efficiency of jogging will slowly decline. At this time, we need to change the speed of running in order to improve the efficiency of weight loss.

Running enough is effective

The length of your run is related to your calorie consumption. If you only run 20 minutes at a time, you will not burn as fast as people who run 2 hours at a time. Jogging for an hour can consume 550 calories, while 20 minutes only consumes 275 calories. To improve the efficiency of burning fat, you must insist on enough time.

When running, don't always train in the same field. We can choose the playground, riverside, and S-curve running. Running on the slope can provide you with different resistance, let the body drive more muscle groups to participate in sports, improve the coordination and flexibility of the body, so as to improve the body's calorie consumption and reduce the body fat rate.

Protect the knee joint

If you don't pay attention to running, it is easy to cause damage to the legs, especially the knee. So we try to do it: first, wear running shoes. Professional running shoes can protect the knee and ankle from injury. Second, try to choose the soft road to run.

Before running, it's best to warm up your legs and let them adapt to the rhythm to avoid strain. After running, you can relax the knee joint with Fittop Super-hit massage gun. The unique bowl shaped concave design and the silicone structure with very comfortable strength and hardness can better protect your knee joint.

Although it's very cold in winter, don't give up exercise. Don't be afraid of the challenges of outdoor running in the cold, and start running.