Massage Brush Pore Cleaner Skin Care Tools Washing Facial Cleansing Soft Face Electric Brush factory

Specification: Fittop
Application: face
Place of Origin: China
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

1. For deep cleansing of cosmetic dirt residue after frequent makeup(High-frequency vibration)

2. Helps to clean the T-zone, oily skin(4 vibration cleansing modes)

3. Help gently cleanse the thin skin cuticles (silicone brush head)

4. Meet daily cleansing needs at home

5. Help deep cleansing during business trip

6.Take it with you for convenient facial cleansing when you travel 

7.Thick bristle for deep cleansing, easy to clean the nosewing, T-zone and other oily areas.Thin bristle for gentle cleaning and care, for sensitive and delicate skin zone. Four different cleansing intensities to meet different skin needs.

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