Massage Brush Pore Cleaner Skin Care Tools Washing Facial Cleansing Face Electric Brush

Specification: Fittop
Place of Origin: China
Function: vibrating
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

1.Water droplet shape Compact and portable:With the thickness match the fingertip force for easy and convenient use with cozy handling.

2.Thick and thin silicone bristle:Thick silicone bristle for deep cleansing, easy to clean the nosewing, T-zone and other oily areas.Thin silicone bristle for gentle cleaning and care, for sensitive and delicate skin zone. 

3.With whole-body waterproof, could be washed under running water:Waterproof and dustproof, shower and bath applicable.

4.High-frequency vibration:Deep cleansing breeds the delicate skin.

Different skin problems applicable (Coarse pores, pimples and acne, sensitive skin).

5.Four different cleansing intensities :Adjust the intensity base on different skin needs.

6.Long endurance:High capacity battery for skin care need in long trip,A single charge can last up to five hours.

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