Massage Brush Pore Cleaner Skin Care Tools Washing Facial Cleansing Soft Face Electric Brush

Size: 86x61x34.5mm
N.W.: About 80g
Application: Face, Neck, Back and other soft part of your body
Function: Vibration, Deep cleansing face

Thick and thin bristles design for muti-parts 

deep facial cleansing

Thick bristle for deep cleansing, easy to clean the nosewing, T-zone and other oily areas.

Thin bristle for gentle cleaning and care, for sensitive and delicate skin zone. 

Four different cleansing intensities to meet different skin needs

Clear Beauty Facial Cleansing device

Effective and thorough

·Clean and refreshing

·Deep cleansing

·5 minutes auto-timing

·Waterproof and dustproof

·Soft touchingn

Most skin problems are caused by the incomplete cleansing

Once device cleansing equals ten times hand washing

·Pimples and acne

·Oily Face

·Coarse pores

·Sensitive skin

Highlighted beauty is more than amazing

Palm fitted water drop shape

With the thickness matching the fingertip force

Easy and convenient use with cozy holding

·With width easy to handle

·The side arc fits for the finger bending angle

·Hand-shape fitted ergonomic design

High-frequency vibration Patting out the pore dirt

Deep cleansing breeds the delicate skin

Different skin problems applicable

Delicate and gentle  Soft and elastic touch

Soft and manageable bristles to nurture the cuticle

·Round bristle design

For cuticle protection

·Food grade skin-friendly silicone

To avoid the pricking of the sensitive skin

Thick and thin bristles design for better skin care

Thick bristle:Easy to clean the nosewing, T-zone and other oily areas

Thin bristle:Tender cleansing for sensitive and delicate skin zone

Four cleansing modes

                                                              Adjust the intensity based on different skin needs

                                              Mode 1: tender clean suitable for the delicate skin around eyes and ears

                                              Mode 2: gentle clean fit for the simple cleansing of sensitive skin

                                              Mode 3: medium clean applicable to the cleansing of daily make up

                                              Mode 4: deep clean suitable for heavy makeup and excessive facial grease

With whole-body waterproof

 could be washed under running water

Waterproof and dustproof, shower and bath applicable

Intimate and humanized design

 Low  noise 

Enjoy silence in the washing moment

Long endurance

 High capacity battery for skin care need in long trip

Five hours working after one full charge

Compact and portable

Small and delicate design 

Thick brush head design in the back

Cleansing, massage and exfoliating, anti-slip

Why choose L-Clear facial cleansing device

Compact and portable

 Enjoy your use anytime anywhere

in travel

Limited space in suitcase,

L-Clear serves all your facial cleansing needs

at home

Morning cleansing brings you a refreshing day, night

 cleansing offers you a comfortable sleep

Multiple colours

Which one do you pick?

Pink Blue

Product parameters

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