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The cold front hit, and the weather in this city suddenly became cold. When the wind blows, it hurts everywhere, especially the joints, which are sore and painful, affecting normal work and rest.

Father's old cold legs have committed again. this is a difficult time of the year. He laughed and said that when he was young, he was invincible because of his youth and dared to go barefoot in the field and on the construction site, which led to the root of the disease, and his joints were stimulated by the cold wind, which caused vague pain.

People with old legs deteriorate first. Friends with this symptom in their family members know that when arthritis recurs, they often feel unbearable pain. They even need to use external force to get up from a chair. When getting up, the knees are swollen and weak, and have to apply hot towels to them for a long time to recover.

Recently, I gave him this Fittop Super-Hit massage gun with a special capsule joint massage head:

The Fittop Super-Hit massage gun is a intelligent chip massage gun equipped with five black technologies and won the IF Design Award-Oscar level in product design. It has more than ten patents and is used for professional sports and fitness. It can also be used for daily massage and relaxation.

Capsule joint massage head

The "capsular joint massage head" we are talking about today is the only silicone material on the market. We all know that the knee joint is a very fragile part. If it is hit with an ordinary massage head, it will easily cause secondary damage.

In particular, many brands of massage heads are made of ABS hard plastic material, which is stiff to the touch. The five massage heads of our fascia gun are all made of elastic silicone material, which is comfortable to the touch and skin-friendly, and fully protects your muscles and bones while percussing.

In addition to the comfortable elasticity of the material, the "capsule joint massage head" also has a unique concave bowl-shaped design, which forms a buffer and absorption force when it hits and perfectly fits, effectively soothing the hit part, and better protecting your Knee joint.

After getting older, every time the knee joint is in the wet and cold rain and snow season, there will be a dull pain. The Fittop Super-Hit massage gun can help you relieve the pain. Through rhythmic vibrations, it can help you massage the muscles around the joints, relieve fatigue and unblock the blood vessels, thereby reducing the pressure on the cartilage tissue, reducing pain, promoting blood circulation and dredging the meridians.