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       Since the fascia gun fire has been picked up, the momentum has been soaring. Many people are wondering, is this a vibrating massager? Who fooled you into taking such a high-end name? As smart as I am, I'm not in a set~! ! !

        Burning goose, is the fascia gun really the same as a massager? No, they are not the same. It is his reason to be able to take a different name. There is a difference in the fetus. So where is the difference, let's take a look.

        To understand this thing, we must first start from its name. We first need to know what fascia is?

        What is fascia?

        Fascia is a layer of tight connective tissue that runs through the body. It surrounds muscles, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. You can think of it as a spider web, which can move your whole body with a single move. To be simple and intuitive, just imagine the film underneath the eggshell.

        When our body continues to maintain a certain movement, the elasticity of the fascia will become poor. With the escalation of the load, when dehydration, adhesions, and contractures occur, a series of strains and lesions will occur. Changes and damage to the fascia are the main reasons for muscle pain. For example, straining a muscle is one of the manifestations. It can be seen that the relaxation of the fascia is particularly important.

        Then we will look at the massage. Massage is to promote the exchange of fluid in the fascia through physical means to help discharge metabolic waste. It can directly and effectively alleviate these adhesions and repair fascia damage. At first glance, aren't they still the same?

        Okay, well, let's take a simple profit, and look directly at the difference in equipment, that is, the difference between a massager and a fascia gun.

        The principle is different

        The massager is mainly for muscle and acupoint massage, relying on the technique and strength.

        The fascia gun is mainly used for fascia massage, relying on the vibration frequency.

        The massage effect is different.

        The massage hammer can only play the role of superficial relaxation, while the fascia gun can directly stimulate the deep muscle tissue and act on the human fascia to promote blood circulation and relax the muscles.

        Different security

        The ordinary massager is safer to use because it is only a shallow massage. If the fascia gun is not paid attention to during massage, too much force may aggravate the injury and cause more serious problems.

        Fascia gun is an artifact used to massage and relax the muscles and fascia of the whole body. It uses shock waves to impact the body to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover. At the same time, it effectively dissipates the large amount of lactic acid produced after exercise and relieves fatigue and soreness. Its high-frequency vibration can penetrate deep skeletal muscles and make the meridians unblocked, and at the same time it can be accurately combed. Muscle lines prevent muscle adhesion.

       Most people can use the fascia gun, but in fact, the fascia gun is a more professional massage device, especially suitable for people with a large amount of exercise, such as professional players, athletes, professional dancers, fitness coaches or sports enthusiasts, etc., very suitable for use It relaxes muscles, breaks down lactic acid, and helps muscles recover and grow faster, which is beyond the reach of other ordinary massage equipment.