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During this period of time, we are also starting to get back to fitness. There must be a massage gun in your modeling standard. Do you know how to use a fascia gun correctly? On the surface, it's very simple. Just hit the sore muscle. In fact, there are many details to understand.

Massage gun after the introduction or there are more professional operation specifications, let's take a look at what are the precautions.

Which parts are not suitable for use

When using the fascia gun, try to avoid hitting the joint directly. The joint is an important sensitive part. The fascia gun is mainly used to relax the muscle and soft tissue. Even if there is occasional touch to the joint, try to choose the hitting head to protect the joint.

There are also many vulnerable and sensitive parts of the body should be avoided, such as the head, the side of the neck, the inside of the clavicle, the armpit and the inside of the big arm, the place where the bone protrudes, the knee and around. These positions should not be directly hit by the fascia gun, but need to be massaged and relaxed under the guidance of a professional coach.

The strength and time of use should be controlled

We should also control the selection of strength and time. The total time of using the same part for many times is 3-5 minutes, and walk in different positions according to the muscle texture. Generally, there is no need to apply too much external pressure. It's good to keep the pain at 6-8 points. For people with physical illness or injury, consult a doctor, therapist or coach.

Follow the texture and direction of the muscle

As a fitness enthusiast, some basic muscle texture distribution still need to learn to understand, so when using the fascia gun, you can strike according to the overall trend of the muscle group. For example, the chest muscles are horizontal, the leg muscles are vertical, and hitting with a fascia gun along the texture will make your experience much more comfortable.

When hitting the strength should also be appropriate, let the massage live on the top of the head muscle light pressure hit, let the sense of vibration enhance, penetrate into the deep muscle. Of course, we should pay attention not to hit in the same position for too long, move slowly and swim, with a certain thrust, the effect will be improved a lot.

Different massage heads have different effects

Different sports have different degrees of body feedback and muscle fatigue, and different muscle groups also need targeted relaxation. The non rabbit super hit fascia gun is equipped with five different massage heads, each of which has different effects. Let's explain in detail. The five types of massage taps are warm-up activation massage head, general massage head, capsule joint massage head, pain point massage head and Achilles massage head.

Warm up activate massage head, let the stimulation quickly penetrate, let your warm-up state instantly activate, suitable for warm-up preparation before you need strenuous exercise, give you the best explosive state.

The spherical structure of the universal massage head is more suitable for beginners. Q-bullet has flexible touch, less invasion and more safety and comfort. It can be used for multiple muscle groups of the whole body.

The unique concave bowl shaped design of capsule joint massage head can better protect the joints and caudal vertebrae in the process of hitting. Combined with super hit intelligent recognition musculoskeletal characteristics, it can give you a safer hitting experience.

It is very suitable for the condition of fascial nodule after fitness.

The awesome massage webbed bionic design of the duck head is able to better fit the ankles and Achilles tendon. It is very suitable for relaxing before aerobic exercise, and it also provides great strength for the massage of the muscles such as the neck and tendons.

Do you think knowledge is overloaded all of a sudden? I know you don't want to memorize all those complicated efficacy matches at all. This is also the special feature of non rabbit super hit: we have configured the fascia gun with visual compass and voice broadcast function, which greatly reduces your learning time.

After inserting different hitting heads, the system will automatically identify and configure the corresponding hitting mode, intensity and amplitude. Different muscle areas can match more accurate and targeted hitting modes, which makes the system feel cool instantly.

I like this simple and direct intelligent fascia gun. After all, the fitness time is so tight. Of course, it should be put more on the leg. So here comes the question...? Which one do you like best?