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As a heavy dependence on computers and mobile phones, I work at the desk every day, and from time to time I experience eye fatigue, waist pain, and cervical strain. And as one gets older, many symptoms can't be solved by sleeping. So recently I plan to buy some massage health products for myself. I did a lot of homework when retrieving materials, and I will share my purchase process with you here, hoping to provide help for everyone's purchase of related products.

Before introducing the purchase, the first thing that needs to be made clear to everyone is: the following massage products are just auxiliary treatment methods. It can only play an auxiliary effect on daily health care, and cannot achieve the effect of curing diseases.

My order of recommendation is from the most common neck massage products, to eye massage products, to waist massage products, and then to comprehensive body massage products.

Cervical Massager

Office workers face the computer every day, desk for a long time, and the neck is not consciously forward, and it is very prone to symptoms of cervical swelling. Coupled with factors such as vision and multiple screens, it is difficult for us to maintain a correct sitting posture, which will lead to cervical spondylosis over time. As a result, it is very necessary to choose a cervical spine massager to relieve it.

At present, the mainstream neck massagers on the market can be divided into "physical massage" and "electronic pulse massage" according to their principles.

"Physical massage". The basic principle of the physical massager is to massage the neck area by rotating the massage head to achieve the kneading effect. But this way of simulating human hand tapping is usually intelligent and temporarily relieves fatigue.

"Electronic pulse massage" uses an instrument to generate electrical stimulation, allowing us to remember the electrical stimulation and temporarily forget about muscle soreness.

"Physical massage" and "Electronic pulse massage" have the same point in that they both allow the neck muscles to passively move and promote blood circulation in the neck area to relieve pain.

There is no conclusive conclusion about which of the two massage methods is better. Here are the comparisons, advantages and disadvantages of the two, so that everyone can choose according to their needs. Comparing the two, pulse massagers are more mainstream currently on the market. The advantage of the electronic pulse massager is that it is lighter and more portable, so it is suitable for use in multiple scenarios, such as business trips, offices, etc. At the same time, the shape is more fashionable, so it is more suitable for young people. Electronic pulses can also block nerve transmission of pain. However, it will have the stimulus of micro-current, and it may be unaccustomed to the first use.

The physical massager is relatively large in size and less in style. It is inconvenient to carry and is suitable for home use. It is a bit too exaggerated to put it in the office, and it is also noisy. The physical massager is more suitable for elders. However, the physical massager can be used in multiple parts to achieve the effect of one thing with multiple uses.

The electronic pulse massager is light and portable, very suitable for young people to use. This article mainly recommends the electronic pulse neck massager to everyone.

Key points for purchasing electronic pulse neck massager

Massage mode. We know that real-person massage techniques include "pressing, rubbing, pushing, holding, kneading, rubbing, pinching, tapping, tapping, rolling, pinching" and other methods. Naturally, the model of the massager can simulate as many experiences as possible.

Whether it has a hot compress function. In addition to massage, hot compresses can achieve an experience similar to applying hot towels. So as to penetrate the neck skin, the hot compress relaxes the tense muscles of the neck.

The degree of adhesion of the electrode patch to the neck.

Other purchase points include materials, weight and standby time, etc.

In addition, here are some tips for using the electronic pulse neck massager. First, apply the gel gel (or gel sticker) to the electrode pad before using it. If the gel is not used, there will be a tingling sensation when using it, and it will not have the effect of soothing the cervical spine. Secondly, it is recommended to use the cervical spine massager twice a day, 15 minutes each time, no more than 30 minutes a day.