Hot and cold facial hammer skin care device for face lifting high quality beauty device

Size: 86.6x62.5x28.4mm
N.W.: About 105g
Application: Face, Neck, Back and other soft part of your body
Function: Hot and cold compress, Vibration, LED light Therapy

Use it when applying a mask to speed up absorption and lock 

in more essence

L-Shine is a multi-functional beauty device with hot massage, cold massage, 

sonic vibration, and three LED light photon beauty functions. After washing your

 face,  open the pores with hot massage. Applying the mask while using the hot 

compress and vibration function to accelerate the absorption of the mask, 

and the photon beauty function soothes skin, reduces spots and 

anti-pimple. Finally use cold massage function to lock the essence.

Hot and cold photon beauty device Start your journey of reverse aging

·Deep cleansing

·Essence importing

·Shrink pores

·Firm and tender skin

Do you have such troubles?

stay in closed office enviroment for a long time 

Have dry skin easily or an cute lack of water 

all result in more serious skin problems

Enjoy the beauty salon at home

start the new era of at -home skin care

Cold massage shrink pores

Hot massage deep cleansing

High frenquency vibration Essence importing

Photon beaty refine skin

Cold massage

Shrink poles

Prevent the cosmetics from reverse penetrating into the skin

Gently discharge makeup without hurting skin

Hote massage

Heat activates skin  Relax poles

Deep clean the skin

High-frequency sonic vibration

Awaken skin vitality

Help the absorption of nutrition and essence

Photon Beauty  Refine Skin

Red light:Activate Cel

Green light:Beauty and Tender Skin  Calm Down and Comfort Skin

Blue light:Reduce Inflammation and Improve Acne

12 weeks to awaken your skin vitality at youth

12 weeks for a period, there are individual differences in the speed of effect

First week:Improve skin problem of blackheads, acne and dark skin

Fifth week:Shrink pores, leave you firmer and smoother skin.

Three colors optional for you to choose

Blue   Pink  Purple


How to use

It’s important to master correct method to use

Do you have such troubles?

stay in closed office enviroment for a long time 

Have dry skin easily or an cute lack of water all result in more serious skin problems

Oily face / Pimples and acne / Coarse pores / Sensitive skin

Step1 Put on a facial mask

Enjoy the quiet time with a soft mask

Awaken your refresh youth starting with a facial mask

Step2 Hot massage

Open pores and promote absorption

The warmness gently flow at your finger tips and slowly slip through every part of the mask . 

Provide more warmness and tightness for the facial mask

Step3 Vibration

Essence import Remove wrinkles and fine lines

High-frequency vibration helps with better absorption of essence,

deeply nourishing skin, like a resonanceof the chorus.

Step4 Blue light

Calm skin and diminish inflammation and anti-acne

Pimples’ restless comes across the calmness of blue light,

They give up and turn to be flat and smooth.

Step5 Red light

Activate cell Accelerate collagen rebirth

The cell is happy to embrace the vitality from the red light

Step6 Green light

Soothe and relax

With breeze and drizzle, the sprout comes out with the green tint 

Rejuvenate to the moment of joy


Step7 Cold massage

Firm and tender the skin maintain nutrition

At the end of skin care, care your skin with cold massage

Tighten skin, increase elasticity of skin

self-closing charger interface

sub mode button

main mode button

cooling and heating area


Use keys

Product Name:L-SHINE Charging Time:< 3H
Product Model : FLS101 Rated Power:5W
Size:87*62*28.4mm Battery Type:Built-in high capacity Lithium ion battery 
Charging Parameters: 5V=1A Executive Standard:GB4706.1-2005  GB4706.10-2008

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