Hand-held Body Massage Vibrators Unique Handheld Vibrating Massager for Back / Shoulder Supplier

Specification: Fittop
Origin: China
Application: head, neck, shoulder and other soft regions of body
Function: scratching, vibrating

1. Massage at office relieves muscle soreness and fatigue

2. When traveling, bring it to relieve muscle fatigue

3. Enjoy a daily massage at home

4. Relieve muscle soreness after exercise

5. Easy to operate, easy to use (double button operation)

6. Good handle, easy to use(streamline shape handle)

7. Comfortable massage (5 modes, silicone massage head)

8.The light body allows you to hold the massage wand with single hand to freely massage the whole body acupoints and muscles. Five different vibration modes offer multi-level comfortable massage experience. It is a multi-functional, practical massage tool to massage the whole body such as  shoulder,  neck, back and limbs wherever you want to massage .

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