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With the development of life and science, massagers have also developed in a variety of ways, but there are different classifications according to different ways.

In terms of energy consumption can be divided into.

1, energy consumption and no energy consumption massager. Energy-consuming massager is our ordinary electronic massager, need power to run, non-energy-consuming massager is not the need for power, the need for human-initiated massage, in a broad sense also includes natural massage equipment, such as the comb we use, horn ware, round wood, wooden massager, walnut massager, etc.

2, massager from the massage form can also be divided into active massager and passive massage. Passive massager is that we do not move to let the massager move, is a kind of enjoyable massage, the general electronic massager are passive massager; active massage is the human initiative to use the massager need to pay labor, the general natural massager, Yakokang walnut massager are active massager, active massager has "massage in motion, in the massage in the movement of the dual health care function"

3, electronic massager is also divided into: electromagnetic massage, vibration massage and infrared massage. But there must be careful to buy electronic massager, buy regular manufacturers, some illegal operation of the electronic massager may cause radiation hazards to the body, in addition do not use electronic massager to massage the same body parts for a long time, especially near the brain, the heart, so as not to suffer long-term radiation, causing cardiovascular disease. Of course, those natural massagers do not have energy consumption, there will be no radiation, can be used for a long time.

4, massager from the massage parts: neck, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, brain, legs, feet, chest and eyes.

Massager purchase

For beauty care can be purchased lightweight portable massager; for health care or sports health care, can be purchased adjustable strength of the massager; for full-body massage, can be purchased sprinkle bath bubble massager, put it in the bathtub, from the nozzle in the high-speed airflow, the formation of bubbles in the water rushed to the body, the use of bubble flow on the human body for full-body massage; if you want to massage the hands and feet, can also be purchased water relaxation hand and foot vibration massager, it is the use of mechanical vibration, so that the water in the basin micro-vibration, to achieve the massage effect.

Massager selection method

Selection of massager to consider three points: First, look at the appearance, the shape should be beautiful and generous. Second, listen to the noise level, start the massager and listen to it, generally speaking, low noise quality is good. Third is to feel the massage effect, the

More comments.

Observe the appearance of the massager, good quality massager, its shell if it is plastic, it should be bright, neat, no blistering phenomenon. In addition, to check the key switch should be flexible and reliable, accessories should be complete.

After the completion of the external inspection, according to the requirements of the manual, the massager for electrical performance inspection, connected to the power supply after the trial open massager, the noise should be small. If the vibration strength and speed of the massager variable, the key adjustment should be flexible and reliable, change softly.