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Why buy a massage machine gun? What's the use of buying it? Can it change my life?

Why buy a Fittop super hit massage machine gun?

Warm up activation before exercise

Warm up before strenuous exercise is very important. It can help to raise the core temperature and muscle temperature of the body, so that the muscles are more relaxed and flexible. The massage machine gun can make the muscle group which needs to exert force more quickly into the activation state, and increase the blood flow and oxygen content. It can improve the human body function faster and avoid the occurrence of sports injury.

Muscle fascial relaxation after exercise

When you roll iron in the gym until muscle congestion, or outdoor play ball, running and other strenuous exercise, muscles and fascia will be in a tense state. Lactic acid accumulation makes your muscles feel sore. Fascia gun can help you deeply relax muscle fascia, relax and decompress, discharge lactic acid, and avoid delayed muscle soreness the next day.

Shoulder and neck discomfort, back stiffness

Office sedentary crowd, designers, programmers and other excessive fatigue caused by backache, shoulder and neck discomfort; long-term maintain a posture of professional groups, drivers, salesmen, waist and leg pain; lack of exercise groups, muscle stiffness, limb inflexibility. Can use fascia gun to help relax muscle fascia, relieve discomfort symptoms, prevent occupational diseases.

Resolving fascial nodule and improving adhesion

Fascial nodule, in fact, is nodular fasciitis, excessive exercise, excessive fitness did not relax the muscle fascia in time; excessive mental pressure, anxiety and tightness; muscle injury, improper exercise may cause fascial nodule. Fascial nodules are often accompanied by pain and tenderness. At this time, you need a fascia gun and massage the head with professional pain points to help resolve the fascial nodule.

Don't worry about getting hurt

In the body structure, including fascia, muscle, bone, blood vessels and other rich tissues, in the relief of muscle soreness, if the head is too hard and the impact force is too large, improper use will easily cause secondary damage to fascia, muscle and bone. Super hit musculoskeletal recognition features, so you don't have to worry about hitting injuries.

Learn faster and shorten learning path

Just into the hand muscle membrane gun may be a face muddled, which massage head should I use? Which muscle should this massage head hit? How to play, how long and how many files? Do I need to get the coach to teach? Super hit black Technology: massage head matching hit mode, hitting strength, star compass display, voice broadcast, let you start faster.

Chasing cool sports equipment

The X artifact in the gym is more suitable for you. This cool Aurora power warehouse, technology sense tiktok compass, AI voice broadcast interaction, design Oscar IF design award, photography friends circle, little red book notes, shaking equipment, micro-blog hair topic, Super-Hit fascia gun worthy of every B high you can operate.

We have all three styles you want

When you are just getting started, you need to have a chip level premium massage machine gun with five black technologies, all kinds of AI interaction, quick to use and various kinds of convenient intelligence. If you have the experience of using the fascia gun, you can choose the Enjoy version. He has all the core functions of the fascia gun. For the long-term fitness big guy, the so-called avenue to Jane, only care about the basic function of the fascia gun, and the pursuit of cost-effective, youth version is undoubtedly more suitable for you.