Fittop Magic Eye Health Massage Manufacturer

Specification: Fittop
Origin: China
Application: head, neck, shoulder and other soft regions of body
Function: scratching, vibrating

1. Infrared gesture sensing Smart  eye protection mode switch: During eye massage, we often worry about not being able to touch the right button, the most important feature of the eye massage it can switch modes with infrared gesture induction, just wave your hand, easy to operate, and adjust the frequency at will.

2.Infrared gesture sensing for intelligent switch at will: Wave your hand to switch function mode, easy to switch modes as you wish.

No worry of not touching the right button when massage.

3.Multi-frequency micro vibration massage to relax tight nerves:Multi-frequency vibration massage, improve the ciliary muscle regulation ability to activate the eye cell tissue, relieve tension nerve.

4.Infrared temperature sensitive hot massage:Infrared heating with adjustable temperature  hot massage takes good care of the eyes massage temperature to make eyes bright .

5.Multi-point air pressure massage points for precise pressure:External double-layer independent air bag, large area fitting, multi-point simulation massage for appoints, eye fatigue relief.

6.180° fordable, small and portable:Can be folded 180° to fit different sizes of face, compact design,Easy to carry , suitable for travel or business 

7.Listen to the meditation music, intelligent voice broadcast:Immersive music experience with intelligent voice broadcast relieves eye fatigue and relaxes nerves to help sleep."

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