Fittop Electric Vibrating Head Kneading Scalp Massager

Size: 114.5x86x74.5mm
N.W.: About 0.37kg
Application: head, neck, shoulder and other soft regions of body
Function: scratching, vibrating

Hand-like flexible grip

Relaxing head massage

The 4 heads 28 handles cambered claw to fit the scalp perfectly, 

and it is truly hand-like flexible grip. Ten minutes a day, it releases work 

pressure, life pressure, and relieves headaches and dizziness.

Scalp SPA massage

Magic hand,Small but functional

Ergonomic design

Cambered claw to fit the scalp perfectly

4 heads 28 handles

3D massage

Silica gel is integrated and waterproof

IPX7 waterproof

Enjoy your personal SPA while bathing

Enjoy massage anytime and anywhere

Cordless,Small and Handy

For using at home in the office or car,when go shopping or traveling,even on business trip

Simple and delicate design

1.  Power button 15 min auto-timing using safety 

 design 3 working modes 

 (kneading, kneading+vibrating, vibrating)

2 .Green button two speed options travel lock design

3 .Skin-friendly silica gel integrated and waterproof

4 .Stylish storage magnet charging base

5 .Invisible charger port

6 .A hole for leaking

Multiple colours

Which one do you pick?

White  gold  silver

Fantastic SPA

Vibrating and hand-simulation kneading massage

Three working modes(kneading,kneading+vibrating,vibrating)

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