Fittop Electric Vibrating Head Kneading Scalp Massager FMH931

Specification: Fittop
Origin: China
Application: head, neck, shoulder and other soft regions of body
Function: scratching, vibrating

1.Office massage relieves head fatigue and makes the mind clearer

2.When traveling, bring it to relieve head fatigue

3.Enjoy a scalp massage at home

4.Alleviate stay up late overtime dizziness, headache  and poor spirit

5.Alleviates scalp problems and reduces hair loss

6.Relieve insomnia anxiety due to overwork mental overdraft pressure

7.Hand-like flexible grip Relaxing head massage:The 4 heads 28 handles cambered claw to fit the scalp perfectly, and it is truly hand-like flexible grip. Ten minutes a day, it releases work pressure, life pressure, and relieves headaches and dizziness.

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