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If you don't understand the characteristics and rules of fitness, you will often take many detours, whether you are new or veteran.

Do you want to lose fat or shape first? Why some people do not see the effect for a long time and even appear damage? In order to improve the training effect, the following deviations should be corrected as soon as possible before reaching the goal.


Blindly copy the fitness plan of the Great God: It’s absolutely true that fitness is first to strengthen your brain, but you are far from the Great God’s professional knowledge and physical strength. So don't copy it, and find what suits your actual situation from the plan of the great god. Learning methods are more useful than copying forms.

Uneven body exercise: only practice what you like or are good at, ignoring weak links. Boys love to practice chest and arms. Girls love to train their abdomen and hips. This will be even more uncoordinated.

Too frequent training volume: Some people start to exercise only to correct their body shape because they have more free time. Practice too often and go straight to the gym whenever you have time. This kind of irregular high-intensity training results in no time to repair your own muscles, so the combination of fitness and work is very important. After the target muscle training, you need to rest for 2-3 days before proceeding to the next round.


Warm up before exercise and relax after exercise

Warm up before training: many friends come to the gym to roll iron directly, ignoring the warm-up link. Some people can't adapt to the weight when they are pulled up. So we must not in order to save that 10 minutes warm-up time, otherwise once injured, it will be more than worth the loss. Using foam shaft or non rabbit Super-Hit massage machine gun is a good warm-up option.

Start three major movements as early as possible: when you are exercising, they are bench press, hard pull and squat. This is the golden movement of fitness, which can not be ignored by novices and veterans. It can effectively exercise the big muscles of the body. The earlier you touch these three movements, the more stable your fitness foundation will be.

Enough water supply: in addition to the warm-up before training, one thing we need to pay attention to before training is to drink more water. The lack of water will affect our fitness results. There are not many partners who can realize this. Don't wait for a real dry mouth to drink water, this time the body has been seriously short of water. Water and electrolytes should be replenished after training.

After training, we must relax: when we exercise, not only the muscles work, but also the fascia. If due to various reasons, such as bad posture, excessive exercise or wrong movement, muscle and fascia are easy to produce adhesion, resulting in muscle tension or fascial nodule. After the appearance of fascial nodule, pressing in this area will cause local pain.

In addition, the presence of fascial nodule will make muscle fibers continue to tense, affect the normal work of muscles, and reduce exercise performance. So you relax the muscle fascia in time and dissolve the fascial nodule. At this time, you need a Super-Hit massage gun to help you warm up before exercise and relax your muscles and fascia after exercise.