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Fascia gun massage the neck, can effectively promote the relaxation of the shoulder and neck muscles, promote the metabolism of inflammatory metabolites, help relieve pain and unfavorable activities. However, simply massage the shoulder and neck is not effective, it is only an auxiliary treatment. The correct treatment method should be to keep the shoulder and neck muscles relaxed to avoid cold,

For example, when sitting in a sitting position, both elbows must be supported, so that the muscles of the shoulder and neck can be in a relaxed state, otherwise the disease will become more and more serious.

In addition, we must pay attention to keep warm, because many people have low collars on the shoulders and necks, and it is easy to get cold on the shoulders and necks. After getting cold, blood circulation will slow down, and inflammatory metabolites will accumulate, which will lead to aggravation of symptoms.

Therefore, in addition to massaging the shoulders and neck with a fascia gun, a warm water bag should be applied, and acupuncture and massage therapy can be performed to effectively loosen the locally formed adhesions and keep the muscles relaxed. If there is a small dislocation of the facet joint, manual reduction can also be performed, which is the correct way to treat shoulder and neck pain and unfavorable activities.