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"Five minutes a day, you can lose weight wherever you want", "quickly relieve muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise", "effectively relieve sedentary shoulder and spine pain of office workers", "deeply massage muscles, bid farewell to acid, swelling and pain" "Net red artifact" fascia gun out of the circle overnight, its propaganda of every effect almost poked in the heart of young people. Do the fascial guns, which are hard promoted by businesses, live broadcast by bloggers, and snapped up by buyers, really have these magical effects?

The fascia gun has a certain effect, but it should be used cautiously and reasonably

Fascia is the white filamentous part of the muscle, all over the body, muscle, tendinous tissue may have fascia. The fascial gun is mainly aimed at myofasciae, not simply fascia.

"Judging from clinical practice and a small amount of scientific research evidence, fascia gun does have a certain effect - it can stimulate local blood circulation through mechanical vibration, bring about contraction and filling of blood vessels, and improve local blood circulation and metabolism. Some muscle soreness of stiffness and strain can be moderately relieved by fascia gun, but we should pay attention to the rational use, not excessive. However, it can not be said that the use of a fascia gun will certainly achieve some effect, weight loss and shaping is exaggerated.

The DMS deep muscle stimulator appeared a few years ago, which can strike and vibrate muscles instead of human hands acting on the injured parts of sports, and has the effect of relaxing. Fascia gun is to further apply this vibration relaxation technology to new products. "Fascia gun is a relatively new commodity, and just because it has just appeared, the rigorous scientific research on it is very limited. There is no scientific evidence to support how long a muscle needs to be hit, how long to relax after training, how long to relax a sedentary and stiff part, and how hard to hit with. It depends more on the feel and experience of therapists and rehabilitation teachers. "

The nervous system doesn't like to be shaken, and not everyone can use a fascia gun

Long term desk work, long-term computer use, sedentary people are the high risk group of cervical spondylosis, such people may have dizziness, neck stiffness, neck shoulder pain, numbness and other symptoms. Miao Xin suggested that this kind of people should first be diagnosed by professional doctors and rehabilitation therapists. If cervical spondylosis is caused by muscle stiffness, the use of fascia gun may achieve a certain effect of pain relief, but many cervical spondylosis is not only caused by muscle stiffness, there are other reasons, so we can not use fascia gun indiscriminately at this time.

Before using health care products and sports fitness products, it is best to seek the advice of sports medicine specialists or rehabilitation therapists. If you use them blindly, you will increase the risk of disease.

Never use the fascia gun to shake the nerves. Our nervous system doesn't like to be shaken. For example, the use of fascia gun around the spine should not be particularly strong, and there should be no strong sense of vibration near the head and neck, otherwise it may bring pathological and additional damage.

It should be noted that if there is a sprain or new injury, there will be pain without moving, and it is not easy to use the fascia gun. "Rest pain means that the injury is still in the acute inflammatory stage. At this time, stimulation with a fascia gun may bring extra blood flow acceleration and metabolism, but make the inflammation more violent. Patients must let professionals judge whether to use it."

In addition, pregnant women should never use the fascia gun; although there is no special taboo for the elderly and children, they should also use it carefully and reasonably; in other diseases, it should be judged by the doctor or sports rehabilitation specialist to determine whether it can be used.

Fascia gun can't replace active movement

Sitting at work, eating, and brushing your cell phone at rest Nowadays, almost everyone in the workplace is "sedentary". The tense work rhythm and frequent overtime make the "sedentary" army growing.

On an e-commerce platform, a fascia gun sold 35000 pieces a month. Many people in the comment area said that "after sitting in the office for a long time, buy it to relieve fatigue.".

In this regard, when uncomfortable, fascia gun and other equipment can help, there will be immediate relief, but this is temporary, the improvement brought by the equipment will be weaker and weaker.

The World Health Organization has long listed sedentary inactivity as the first risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Although the hospital has not set up a special department to treat "sedentary", but sedentary less movement has already become a great risk factor for human health.

Therefore, three to five times a week should have a certain intensity of exercise; sit for half an hour to 45 minutes to get up for a few minutes, you can do some soft stretching, such as rotating the neck, regularly changing the sitting posture, active stretching to relax the chest, back, neck muscles. "Fascia gun and other equipment can not replace people's active exercise. The most effective way to reduce pain is to change the way of life and actively exercise."