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The skinny people hope they can become strong up, but many skinny people's intestinal absorption capacity is poor, every time you eat, food is always "through the intestines", calories can not be converted into body energy absorption up, but excreted, resulting in their own muscle and fat are relatively small, looks very thin.

Want to become strong up, we need to start from several aspects, to improve the muscle dimension, say goodbye to the thin image.

First, thin people want to become strong up, must strengthen the strength training, through muscle exercise to improve the body's energy needs, so that more food calories to muscle supplementation, so that you become strong up.

Just eat without training you, easy to accumulate fat, rather than fueling muscle. We need to combine scientific strength training with diet management in order to gradually say goodbye to the image of lean and weak.

Fat will turn you into a false swollen fat, while muscle can turn you into a strong muscular man. Skinny fitness training should be based on resistance training, rather than too much cardio.

Because the amount of fat itself is not enough for thin people, aerobic exercise will continue to brush low body fat percentage with muscle mass, so you become thinner, we need to tear the muscle through weight training, such as bench press, squat, hard pull, push-ups and other compound movements, the muscle will become stronger after getting reorganized.

Second, the necessary calories and high-protein food is essential, we can improve calorie intake through a multi-meal diet, while strengthening intestinal consumption and reducing the intestinal burden, so you can retain more calories.

We can add meals in the morning, afternoon and evening, three meals a day to six meals a day diet, while improving caloric intake, in order to allow you to absorb enough calories.

Third, some people have been very thin, is not good gastrointestinal, through the gastrointestinal conditioning to improve the absorption rate of food, we can go to see a Chinese doctor, through the Chinese medicine conditioning, improve gastrointestinal function, improve the absorption capacity of the gastrointestinal. People who usually have gastrointestinal disorders must go for a good conditioning so that you can allow yourself to improve the absorption rate of food.

When your diet, exercise, and gastrointestinal conditions are well regulated, then stick to it. You will surely become stronger. Of course, before and after exercise, remember to use a massage gun to release fatigue. Thin.