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After exercise, I used to use massage machine gun to relax tight muscles, but did you use the right method? The pain of massage makes you can't help crying, indicating that there is a problem with the use of the method. Be careful to step into the five traps, causing more serious muscle damage!

Whether it's muscle gain or fat loss, let the muscle fascia fully relax after training, which will make your lines more slender and beautiful, rather than too tight and tie the whole ball into radish legs and diamond arms! In fact, there are many ways to relax. Why are massage guns so popular? First of all, you need to know what fascia is? Where?

What is fascia?

The fascia on our bodies is difficult to see with our eyes, but you can carefully observe the meat we usually eat. It is usually wrapped in a translucent white film, which connects the bone and the meat. This is the fascia! We have mentioned in the article of fascia relaxation that fascia, also known as myofascial, is the tissue all over the body, covering fat, bone, blood vessels and muscles, which is equivalent to the important role of connecting human body movement!

After training, not only the muscle is damaged, but also the muscle fascia, which is easy to get sticky and become a lot of nodules. No matter if the muscle is stuck for a long time, the muscle fascia will slowly lose its elasticity, and the muscles will become stiff. Besides, the body's sensitivity and coordination will also become poor, which will greatly reduce the sports performance!

So after fitness, you often see someone using a fascia gun to relax. This tool is very convenient, yes, but the point is, do you really know how to use it? Method error careful more easily injured, the first use please pay attention to the following 5 key points!

Usage and contraindication of fascia gun

1. Move along the muscle lines

People who have cut meat all know that muscles have lines. Random cutting will make the meat look terrible. It's the same with people. When using the fascia gun, remember to massage along the muscle direction. Don't press the left side and hit the right side at once. It will not only reduce the relaxation effect, but also cause injury by pressing the wrong place.

2. Relax each part for 3-5 minutes

It is suggested that the dwell time of fascia gun should be changed according to the gun head. For example, the front end area of the vertebral head is smaller, the strength is more concentrated, and the use time is about 3 minutes; for the spherical gun head, because of its large area, the force to hit the muscle is more average, which can be extended to 5 minutes.

3. The strength should not be too high

The fascia gun uses vibration to hit the skin, fat and fascia, and finally reaches the muscle. Because the skin is the first one to be stressed, when the high shock wave is combined with hard pressing, the skin tissue may be bruised, and even the muscle will have slight tear injury!

It is suggested that when using the fascia gun, the strength should be controlled and the major muscles should be given priority to, such as quadriceps femoris, gluteus muscle, etc Avoid using it in places with thin muscle layer, such as shoulder, which can reduce the problems of bruise and laceration.

4. Unsuitable parts

The fascia gun is usually suitable for the place with muscle tissue, and the following parts must be avoided:


There are many nerves and lymphoid tissues in the armpit, which are subject to too strong force, which may lead to lymph injury and inflammation, or shock to nerves, which may lead to numbness in the hand.

Vital points

The heart, lungs, kidneys and stomach The use of high shock wave fascial gun in this area may cause shock injury.


Carotid artery, femoral artery Such as large blood vessels, sustained stress may cause damage, resulting in thrombosis, the terrible is that after the thrombus falls off, with the blood flow to the brain, easy to lead to ischemic stroke!


The high shock wave on the hard joint is equivalent to hitting the wall with the knee, which is easy to cause joint damage.

5. Not all pain after exercise can be used

Fascia gun is only suitable for muscle soreness after training, if it is for strain, sprain, cartilage inflammation Wait for pain, do not continue to use the fascia gun in the injured area, it will make your disease more serious! The best way to solve the above injuries is to stretch or seek the help of a doctor.

There are many places to pay attention to when using fascia gun, but why do so many sports fans want to start with?

The principle of fascia gun

There are hundreds of fascia guns on the market. Most of them use 2000-3000 ultra-high frequency shock waves per minute to convey the strength to each tissue layer by layer, and finally reach the deep muscles. It can effectively relax, promote blood circulation, and quickly drive away the pain after exercise, so as to prepare for the next training and improve the performance of sports. And the general manual massage, may only relax to the shallow part, the effect is not so good.

6. Not recommended for large ethnic groups


Patients with chronic diseases

Acute infection or inflammation

There is an open wound

Venous embolism disease

Major diseases

Have you been burned by a fascia gun recently? Don't start in a hurry. Evaluate your use needs, understand the usage methods and taboos before buying. If you have severe pain in the process of use, you must stop immediately. When the uncomfortable feeling lasts for too long, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to protect yourself!