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The weekly rest days always pass so quietly, not yet had time to savor, and have to open a new round of punching to work every day busy non-stop. Day after day, back pain, shoulder and neck fatigue has become the standard problem of modern workplace people. Counting to a week is also at most two days of small holidays, said to spend time to massage it, but the holiday is so little plus the wallet is increasingly flat ....... Or the workplace to a full set of occupational disease prevention exercises, and then to walk around the body, too high-profile not to mention, or perhaps be warned to go to work to touch the fish.

All said and done how not too good, it is still desirable to buy a massage product to soothe and relax, although manual massage products such as scrapers are also good, but the choice of massage products in this matter, passive than active will always be more comfortable doubled. But buy automatic massage products, or to find their own needs, to buy the right one for themselves. Otherwise home, office hoard a number of, in the end, all become decorative items.

Now massage products seem to be a lot, so that people pick the dazzling, but divided into broad categories to see actually okay. For example, electromagnetic pulse class, such as low-frequency pulse massage instrument; or motor vibration class, such as shoulder and neck massager; such as water pressure surfing class, such as massage bathtub.

Vibration percussion massage products generally everyone's home, such as large massage chairs, small as small triangle massager. The portable pulse massage products in the last two years, the fervor of the new favorite workplace, but also into everyone's gift list; and every occupational disease plagued workplace, the shopping cart is quite likely to have lying a piece or two. so ~ this time to talk about the pulse class and vibration percussion type massage products.

Pulse massage instrument

"Pulse" is a kind of electrical shock similar to the pulse wave. So pulse massage, is a kind of massage using weak electric current to stimulate the body, causing muscle contraction, in order to promote blood circulation, the role of exercise massage.

Now the pulse massage products are quite a lot of portable, is the use of small shape electrode or hydrogel patch, etc., the weak current transmission to our skin. Current can (harmless) affect our body should be pain function, to achieve analgesic effect. Secondly, the current stimulation will make the muscle contraction, thus promoting local blood circulation and accelerating the dissipation of inflammation.

Portable pulse massage instrument and divided into medium-frequency and low-frequency, of which the low-frequency is more common. Medium frequency is due to the need for qualifications, technology and other aspects of support, now on the market, the portable medium frequency massage instrument is relatively small, but from the side of thinking this is also considered the vast selection of difficult gospel. At the same time, the medium frequency relative to low frequency can penetrate deeper into the skin layer, in addition to analgesia and anti-inflammatory softening bruises and other effects, really - functional and strong.

Another point is the portable pulse massage instrument massage mode, only through the direct button control or corresponding APP, that is, cell phone to control, for us these daily machine does not leave the body ~ convenient enough! Secondly, as long as the product chip development in place, like whacking, shiatsu and other massage experience, can be achieved, proper carry-on standard massage master.

Vibrating massager

Vibration massage products is through the rotation of the motor to achieve mechanical vibration, pressure and other actions, so as to promote blood circulation, relieve the role of fatigue in the body parts.

Like vibration massage products in the category of massage chairs, use is indeed unforgettable. However, their space requirements and purse requirements are relatively high, to overcome the purse problem, buy to use at home is also very good. But now everyone is very busy at work (the substance is also lazy), buy a piece can be used with the hand, relatively small a lot of vibration massage instrument has become more people's choice.

When it comes to portable vibrating massager, there are mainly vibration, pressure and other massage movements, most of which are through the replacement of different massage head to achieve more massage techniques. For example, shiatsu massage head, U-shaped multi-point massage head, simulated acupuncture massage head and so on. So if you want to experience a different massage at any time, you have to manually replace it, which is relatively troublesome.

If the massage instrument is equipped with massage head is rich enough, after getting the product can experience the massage mode will also become more. So for the massage experience has more pursuit, you have to look at the massage product accessories before buying it.


Because now the pulse massage products are quite a lot of portable, mainly in the form of electrodes / hydrogel patch + host show. In general is a hand can both hold the size, such as men's pockets or women's small bags and so can be loaded.

Vibrating massager style is richer, such as shawl type, handheld, wearing type, etc., the size is also diverse. The smallest mini vibrating massager is also the size of a hand, but because of its three-dimensional shape, such as trying to fit into a man's pocket or a woman's small bag is currently a small problem.


Pulse massage instrument use generally have to wear directly on the body parts, such as neck massage instrument. Or the patch type, the patch will be attached to the discomfort area, and then from the host or APP control. Part of the pulse massage instrument supports wireless Bluetooth, more convenient to use, directly affixed to the affected area, free your hands.

Such as back pain and happens to be busy hands are not available in the workplace, or want to relax the limbs but have to be busy with household chores, directly affected area a paste, function a transfer, continue to work to do things do not interfere. Want to change parts of the use is also very direct, a direct tear a paste. Not so good point is the shape of portable but can not be used in a large area.

Like vibrating massager for parts of the type, such as shawl-type, wearable, but also manually adjust the switch to free your hands, but also limited the use of parts. Like the shawl type, although the entire shoulder and neck area along with the back can be taken care of, but the parts that can be experienced is too single.

The flexible hand-held type, it is possible to achieve where you want to press where you want to press. Only the need to free up a hand, can not do to free your hands and multi-part use both.

Pulse massage instrument and vibration massage instrument price difference between the two is not large, want to buy mainly from the needs of the main look. Like in the efficacy, simply need to massage comfort under the OK; in the portable requirements are not so high; not always too busy to free your hands, vibration massage instrument is a good choice. If you want to be more compact and portable to use at hand; more pursuit of efficacy, want a range of soothing, analgesic, reducing inflammation effect in one; also tend to be able to free your hands to do their own thing, then the medium frequency pulse massage instrument is very suitable for you.