Chip Level Intelligent Massage Gun with 5 Black Technology

Size: Body massager
N.W.: 0.85kg, with one massage head 0.89kg
Application: Multi-zone muscle, capsule joints, Archilles tendon, trigger points and any soft part of body
Function: Warm-up before motion, muscle relaxation, deeply relieve muscle soreness

 Super Hit Master


   · SuperHit Intelligent Control Chip

  · Intelligent muscle and bone recognition for bones protection

  · Auto Adaptive Percussion Modes Switching

  · Intelligent Interface Display

  · Intelligent Voice Broadcast

  · Intelligent Idling System For Power Saving

  · Golden Ratio Ergonomic Design

  . Noiseless Technology

  · Equipped With Five Replaceable Massage      

    Heads For Different Massage Areas


Black tech:Intelligent muscle 

 and bone recognition


 Intelligent muscle and bone recognition for better body protection

 Once the bone is accidentally injured, the system will immediately 

 reduce frequency and power


Black tech:Intelligent voice broadcast


Voice broadcast for percussion mode and muscle areas once inserting massage head


Black tech:Intelligent head-changing detection

Automatically configure the massage head 

corresponding to the percussion mode, intensity, amplitude


Black tech: Intelligent interface display


As brilliant as human brain to guide users Percussion modes, massage head icons, massage areas, time countdown, battery reminder all clear at a glance

Black teck Intelligent idling system for power saving


When massager gun hovering in the air or staying away from the body, it will automatically swich to idling or non-operating mode






  Ingenuity Brushless motor                    


    High torque brushless motor with starting power                             

    Powerful percussion to the deep fascia Pleasurable and Powerful

Ingenuity Aircraft-grade material


More resistant to high temperature, wear and damage, and deformation



 Ingenuity Food grade flexible silicone massager head  


    Skin-friendly touch offers more elastic and comfortable percussion

Ingenuity Black clear window with cool light finishing


Hot-blood ritual, bring more passionate atmosphere When the power engine start with mighty, You would instantly feel it explode into driving energy


Ingenuity Silicone slip-resistant handle


 Adopting soft and slip-resistant silicone handle for more stable and comfortable griping. 



Relax your muscle anytime, anywhere 


Relaxing after basketball,running and boxing


Exercising at home when you feel tired


After overtime working ,meeting and hard working 


Its really awesome gun. It works perfect and open up your muscles. 

Gets in to those deep spots you can't get to by yourself, no need read instructions, cool! 

so easy to use! The idling system really helps saving power!   

- K. Robbins   

I have had this massage gun for about a week and I am already loving it.

 First up, it is very well packed in a carry case. 

I have used it everyday last week after gym/HIIT sessions 

and feel it has helped shortened my recovery time by 

improving blood flow and relieving soreness that comes with intense workouts.       

- Louis

Received goods as described, quiet, quick and easy delivery... very happy with it! 

- Sharanjit S

Great massage gun. Good speed options, quiet, battery lasts very long time. 

It is much better than one a friend bought for me.                            

-  Patrick

Really like how easy it is to use. Carry case is really handy, especially for travel. 

Can apply serious pressure for more intense massage without it stopping or jamming. 

The gun is very powerful. I've used this gun every day since I've got it. 

I got it mostly for recovery and it has made a huge difference there.         

 - Moloney

The gun is very easy to use and the control panel at the rear is very self explanatory 

and doesn't require extensive reading of any device manual, 

you just need to power it on and it run different speed when you change the massage heads.

- Nigel Alston

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