China waist massager abdominal muscle body massager factory price

Specification: Fittop
Place of Origin: China
Application: waist
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

1.  Relieves period pain and discomfort

2.  It helps ease the accumulation of abdominal fat and helps keep in shape

3.  Easy to operate, easy to use (double button operation)

4.  Ease the waist discomfort from sitting too much in the office

5. Take it with you when traveling to ease the strain on your lower back

6. Use a daily waist massage at home

7. Hot massage + vibration double intimate protection :Small product with big has the functions of heating and vibration massage, and infuses you with endless energy. Constant temperature and hot massage make it to be a good friend of women. It can soothe and warm the body during uterine cold and dysmenorrhea.

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