China Super Hit Intelligent Massage Gun With 4 Black Technology Supplier

Size: Body massager
N.W.: 0.72kg, with one massage head 0.76kg
Application: Multi-zone muscle, capsule joints, Archilles tendon, trigger points any soft part of body.
Function: Warm-up before motion, muscle relaxation, deeply relieve muscle soreness

1. AI Auto-adaptive percussion modes switching: When inserting different massage head, the system will automatically identify, at the same time automatically configure the massage head corresponding to the percussion mode, intensity, amplitude.

Precise configuration of percussion for different muscle areas.

2. AI Voice broadcast :Unlike the traditional massage guns without intelligent voice broadcast, Super Hit Master provides more convenient and instant voice guidance. When inserting different massage head, the system will automatically switch percussion mode,At the same time automatically voice broadcasting.

3.AI Intelligent control Interface: Super Hit Master has more intelligent control interface for higher Interactivity level,Minimize users' learning costs, shorten interactive paths. Percussion modes, massage head icons, massage areas, time countdown, battery reminder, etc, all clear at a glance. Whether you are a professional or green hand, you can quickly master it! 

4. AI Intelligent Idling system for power saving: Unlike the non-power-saving percussion of traditional massage guns, Super Hit Master possesses intelligent idling technology for power saving. As long as the massager gun hovering away from the body, it will automatically switch to idling or non-operating modes. Intelligent power saving for battery life increasing and product lifespan extending.

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