China Powerful Portable Mini Massage gun with multicolors Manufacturer

Size: Body massager
N.W.: 0.85kg, with one massage head 0.89kg
Application: Multi-zone muscle, capsule joints, Archilles tendon, trigger points and any soft part of body
Function: Warm-up before motion, muscle relaxation, deeply relieve muscle soreness

1. Small size but powerful Easy to use by single hand :Strong power and tastefully done with only 0.6kg. Comfortable holding. Tireless after long time use. Ultra light and portable, easy to be taken along with you out for fitness and exercise.

2.12MM Percussion amplitude into deep fascistic mini massage gun with amplitude less than 12mm is far from relaxing the deep muscle fascia. Super Hit Mini inherits the core performance of a professional massage gun device, with 12MM percussion amplitude and weight just of 0.6kg, less than half that of other massage gun. 

To be the smallest massage gun at a professional level.

3.Silence and noiseless technology: High-quality brush less motor makes percussion smoother and quieter; Whether in gym, home or office, no one would be disturbed. Just indulge yourself into quite and cozy relaxing hour.

4. USB Charged design: Equipped with USB charged design, no worry of dead battery wherever in gyms and travel, convenient to be charged with power bank anywhere anytime. 

5. Smart touch screen design: Unique water droplet smart touch screen design, integrating battery power, with speed levels. Standby status after power on. Lightly touch to gently switch modes between 1st and 5th speed.

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