China Foot Walkable Massage Shoes with 22 independent massage setting imitating fingers manufacturer

Specification: Fittop
Place of Origin: China
Application: foot
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

1. Relieve foot numbness at busy work

2. Relieve sore feet after running

3. Help alleviate the lack of energy and blood, cold feet

4. If you want to do pedicure, but you don’t have time to go to a pedicure shop, it can replace massage

5. Help to fall asleep before going to bed, dredge acupuncture points on the feet

6.There are 22 independent massage setting imitating fingers, which can move up and down alternately in the lifting power, completely aiming at the foot and bottom reflex area, providing precise, in-depth, independent and professional massage. At the same time of independent massage, we fully combine the five techniques of tapping, pecking,kneading, pressing and pinching, from the soles and toes to the instep and the surface of the foot, to relax in an all-round way.

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