China Fittop Rechargeable Electric Head Massager kneading Device Portable for Travelling Supplier

Specification: Fittop
Origin: China
Application: head, neck, shoulder and other soft regions of body
Function: scratching, vibrating

1. Relieve late night overtime dizziness, headache, poor spirit

2. Take a bath for safe use (IPX7 waterproof + magnetic charging)

3.  Alleviates scalp problems and reduces hair loss

4. Relieve insomnia anxiety due to overwork mental overdraft pressure

5.  Easy to operate, easy to use (double button operation)

6.  Office massage relieves head fatigue and makes the mind clearer

7.  When traveling, bring it to relieve head fatigue

8.  Enjoy a head massage at hom 

9.Cool green EVA storage box: Fashionable EVA storage box design and metallic mirror surface aesthetics rewrite the high-gloss appearance of the body. Hand-simulation kneading offers comfortable and delicate scalp massage SPA.

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