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As the child grows up day by day, it becomes more and more laborious to hold the child every day, and it becomes more and more laborious. Usually, the husband and wife work and the mother helps take care of the children, and they always hug, even if the grandma often hugs Xiaomi's old waist, he can't stand it. In addition, my dad spends more than 8 hours at the desk every day. In addition to working hours, he faces the computer all day, and he has to code words at night. The same posture for a long time, especially the incorrect sitting posture, coupled with poor rest and lack of sleep time It has brought many physical problems, and basically I am troubled by the discomfort of the cervical spine, shoulders, and lower back every day.

A few questions you must be concerned about about the massager

Can a massager cure my waist?

▼Don’t make trouble, let some brands blow the hype, I dare to assert: “There is no massager that can treat the old waist.” Although my dad is not professional in this aspect, I firmly believe in a simple truth: if The massager can really treat the old waist, so what should the doctor do? So if there is really a problem with the old waist, please obediently ask the angel in white to help.

Is a massager useful? (Is it an IQ tax?)

▼As mentioned above, we cannot use the massager as a therapeutic device, so is the massager useless? Dad thinks it is not, the positioning of the massager itself should be health care. I believe that my friends must have seen or even experienced the massage chairs placed in the shopping malls in major shopping malls. Let’s recall what the massage chairs bring us. We do not expect massage chairs to treat us, but It is to enjoy the feeling of relieving fatigue, that kind of feeling that you can relax your body without having to do it yourself, and the same is true for a massager.

How does a massager work?

▼Whether it is a cervical spine massager or a waist massager, the core massage function is to massage by simulating human hands or by controlling low-frequency (pulse) current to stimulate muscle contraction and spasm to relax muscles and relieve fatigue. Partial massage The instrument also has a hot compress function.

Types of massagers

▼As mentioned above, the massager is either massaged by simulating human hands or by controlling current (pulse) massage, so the massager can be simply divided into two categories, one is to simulate human hands through the massage head. The other type is massage through low frequency (pulse) current. The first type of massage head type massager is usually larger and heavier, and needs to be powered by AC power, which limits the location of the massage (must have a power supply) and is inconvenient to move. One, the waist was so sleepy that I was too lazy to take it out. Later, my father sat down and broke the massage head. The second type of pulse massager usually has a built-in battery, which is light in weight and can be carried around. It can be used for about a week on a single charge, which is convenient and convenient, and my dad prefers it.

▼Of course not everyone likes the pulse massager. The mother of the father does not like the feeling of electric current, but the father and the mother of Mimi both like it. Friends should consider their preferences before purchasing: Yes I like to be strong, and I can accept the inconvenience; I just need to be comfortable, and I don't care about other things.