415 nm blue light anti acne therapy Spot Scars Removal Reduce Inflammation Smooth skincare beauty de

Size: 161*161*44.5mm
N.W.: around 110g
Rated voltage: 5V
Auto-timing: 3mins


Model No.:FLS31 

Product Size:161*161*44.5mm

N.W.:around 110g

Rated voltage:5V

Rated current:around 1000mA

Rated power:5W


Charge time:around 1.5hrs 

Working time:around 2.5hrs 

Battery capacity: 3.7V polymer lithiumion battery, 500mAh

Woking mode:Light therapy 

Light therapy area:995mm²


Control:Intelligent control

Product description:

1. 415nm blue light for sterilizing or acne removal, preventing recurrent acne breakouts

2. 5 seconds reminding for area switching, 3 mins auto-off the blue light. 

3. 6 blue light energy rings make the blue light focusing acnes more accurately.

4. Delicate texture and appearance designed by French designers, highlighting your elegance

5. Using special care cream with gentle and translucent texture after blue light irradiation to enhance the effect.

6. Whole-body waterproof, washable and easy to clean.

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