3D Sonic Facial Cleansing Massager with 31000Times/Min Vibrating Factory

Specification: Fittop
Origin: China
Application: Facial
Function: scratching, vibrating

1. Meet daily cleansing needs at home

2. Help deep cleansing during business trip

3. Take it with you for convenient facial cleansing when you travel 

4. For deep cleansing of cosmetic dirt residue after frequent makeup,(3D Ultrasonic motor+3 vibration modes optional)

4. Helps to clean the T-zone, oily skin, and corners of the face(Thick and thin brush +3.5mm bristle)

5. Help gently cleanse the thin skin cuticles (silicone brush head)

6. Small and portable (159g, diameter 67mm)

7 Real ultrasonic motor core with vibration concentrated on bristles, hands will not feel annoying vibration while cleansing your face.

8 Only bristles vibrate, no body vibration, offering comfortable hand grip.

9 Without dizzy feeling while bristles contacting with skin, gentle contact makes you enjoy pleasant face cleansing

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