3D Sonic Facial Cleansing Massager with 31000 Times/Min Vibrating Manufactured

Specification: Fittop
Origin: China
Application: Facial
Function: scratching, vibrating

1.Thick and thin silicone bristle:Thick silicone bristle to easily clean no sewing, T zone and other areas that easily secrete oil but difficult to clean.Thin silicone bristle to aim at softly cleansing sensitive and dedicate skin. 

2.Deep cleansing without annoying vibration:Vibration is generated by swinging left and right, and the vibration is concentrated at the position of the brush and does not spread to the body, and the hand will not be numb after long use.

3.3 Cleansing modes optional:Adjustable cleansing intensity meets different skin requirements. 

Mode 1: Soft cleansing, suitable for sensitive skin and without makeup; 

Mode 2: Moderate cleansing,  suitable for daily makeup; 

Mode3: Deep cleansing, suitable for heavy makeup and excessive oil secretion.

4.3D Sonic vibration deeply clean pores:3D sonic technology. The brush bristles swing 1.1mm horizontally, and rotate 5° forward and backward.The high-frequency vibration takes away the oil and dirt deep in the pores.

5.3 LED lights  for skin calming and acne removing:Cleansing with photon therapy. 

Red light: Cell activation and energy vitalization.

Green light: Beauty and skin rejuvenation, calm and soothing. 

Blue light: Skin calming and acne removing.

6.Mute operation, waterproof and dust-proof for easy clean:Whole-body waterproof, water douche and immersion accessible. It is easy to clean, and the selected miniature high-efficiency motor and its silicone damping structure make it quieter to use.

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